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Campaign Finance Reform
Health Care
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Campaign Finance Reform

  • Ban Soft Money
  • Enact New Lobbying Reform
    With this reform, lobbyists would have to disclose infromation about their activities.
  • Strenghten the Federal Elections Commission
  • Improve Disclosure of Issue Advocacy Advertisements
    This would require that all issue advertisements by special interest groups broadcast within 60 days of an election disclose their sources of funding.
  • Provide Candidates Targeted in Issue Advertiesments with Equal Air Time
  • Support Television Time for Democracy
    This is where a television stations agree to a voluntary standard of free broadcast time in which candidate-centered discourse in the thirty nights preceding an election will take place.
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Health Care

  • Expanding Access to Health Care Coverage
    • Expand eligibility under the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and hold states accountable for signing up eligible children for health insurance.
    • Expand health care coverage to working families by extending CHIP to parents.
    • Provide affordable health care options for Americans ages 55 to 65 with a 25% tax credit for the premuim costs of each employee.
    • Stringhten health care delivery systems for the uninsured.
  • Strenghthening Medicare
    • Price Competition Among Managed Plans
  • Imporving Medicare with a Prescription Drud Benefit
  • Protecting Patients
    • Will make sure that medical records are kept private
  • Making Long-Term Care More Affordable
  • Support Research and Prevention to Fight Diseases
  • Improving Enrollment in Medicaid
  • Protecting Women's Right to Choose
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